Useful Gym Tips for Women

Getting in shape and losing those extra calories is probably one of the biggest achievements for any woman. There comes a time in every woman’s life when getting in shape and losing those extra calories becomes a part of their health regime. It is not just for any occasion or to pull off particular attire that women need to get into shape, but for their overall health benefit.


There are also scenarios when women with specific weight loss goals have even managed to visit a gym in north Kolkata only to find themselves, clueless. Though there are trainers and health experts to attend your needs and help you achieve the fitness goals, women must keep in mind few things, just to get themselves going.


 Thus, for every woman, who is willing to visit the gym for the first time, here is few head’s up, to avoid getting completely lost.


Use the Heavy Weights


For first-timers in the gym, women can feel a little intimated to venture into the weight room, especially when there are full bodied people throwing around weights. It is commonly believed that you are not supposed to lift weights immediately after joining the gym. However, the fact is otherwise.


There are two types of muscle fibres, fast and slow. If you are using the heavier weights, you tend to neglect an entire set of muscle fibres, the fast muscle fibres. The fast muscle fibres are important to move quickly, lifting heavy weights and also for spine and stability of the body. And women who are worrying about bulking up, they should not be. Women cannot add much to the size as they have a low level of male hormones to enlarge the muscle noticeably.


Use the Upper Body during Cardio Sessions


If your cardio sessions mostly involve, stationary bike, treadmill or stair stepper, then you are probably not burning as many calories as you are supposed to. Using your upper body muscles more can add up to your total calorie count. This helps you to develop better endurance. The athletes with fittest cardiovascular systems use their complete body to achieve the same like swimmers or country skiers. Thus, using machines with upper body component can help you achieve an overall fitness.


Have a Plan


Your motive of joining a gym can be many. It can be losing the extra calories or becoming more flexible or just for overall fitness. There is a special workout plan for every fitness goal you have. There is no, one-exercise-fits-all. You can take help of the trainers at your gym centre in Kolkata to develop a workout plan for you according to your needs and goals. Your primary objective should influence the volume, mode and intensity of every workout.


Push Yourself Enough


You may be spending two hours in the gym but, not getting enough results. Think of the time you invested in intensely exercising during those two hours. Was it enough to yield results? Or you also spend time reading magazines or just sitting around. Fitness should be fun but, it is also about how much you are investing in working out intensely.

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Useful Gym Tips for Women